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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a medical condition that affects the nervous system and body movement. An estimated 75% of individuals with PD may experience changes in speech, voice or swallowing. Difficulties speaking may include a soft or hoarse voice; slurred speech; rapid speech; decreased pitch range; stuttering; or nasal sounding speech. In addition, difficulties with swallowing, management of oral secretions or memory deficits may be present.


Speech therapy can be effective in providing strategies that target these changes. One such treatment for individuals with PD and other neurological conditions is LSVT LOUD®  – see, a scientifically studied program found to improve loudness, respiration, voicing and articulation.


Oakville Speech Therapy is proud to offer LSVT LOUD® as well as other therapies directed to helping improve the communication and swallowing skills of people living with PD.